Was born in Poland and studied PRINTMAKING at the Academy of Fine Arts in Torun, Poland, graduating with a Master degree in Fine Arts in 1976. She also studied at the Industrial Art and Design Centre in Enschede, Holland and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1976 she moved to Canada, and created her own graphic design and illustration atelier in Ottawa. She accomplished many national and international projects for the private organizations and the Canadian Government, including Unesco. While resuming her professional artistic career she occasionally worked as an art teacher in various Canadian universities and high schools. In 1992 she left Canada for France. She lived and painted in Paris for many years.

Married in Zermatt, Switzerland, she shares her life with her husband Michel, changing canadian environment to Swiss Alps and to the South of France. This versatility gives her the endless opportunity for the new ideas and it’s the constant inspiration in her life. She paints in a poetic and surrealistic style, combining both, she creates a mystical and dream like atmosphere. Her art is an open invitation to share the love for life and happinies.


CREATION is a source of energy based on personal perception and expressed to the satisfaction of aesthetics and the complexity of our human nature.

TO PAINT means to combine simple things together in a complicated way.

PAINTING is like a music. It travels throughout space, unreal, unattachable, non-existing ... but present. It is an adventure, it is a feeling of emotions that detaches us from reality ... only to give us a new life and a brand new day.


Canadienne, d'origine polonaise, suisse par mariage, titulaire d'une maitrise en Beaux-Arts de l'Académie de Beaux Art en Pologne, elle étudie ensuite la gravure au Centre d'Art et Beaux Art d'Enschede, au Pays-Bas, puis a l'Académie Royal des Beaux Art de Copenhague, Danemark.

Elle s'installe au Canada en 1976 et quelque ans plus tard elle ouvre son propre atelier de graphisme et illustration a Ottawa. Dans des années qui viens, elle gagnée les concours nationaux et internationaux, parmi pour Gouvernement canadienne et Unesco. Tout en poursuivant une carriere artistique de graveur et peintre, elle enseignée occasionnellement dans des universités et établissements secondaires.

A 1992, elle s'installe et peint a Paris ou elle reste des années. Depuis 2007, elle vit en Suisse avec son mari Michel . Grace a son fils unique, Ernest qui vit a Ottawa, son mari suisse et son grand l'amour pour Sud de la France elle vit et partage sa vie également entre Canada, la France et Suisse. Ses tableaux et gravures se trouvent dans des collections privées d'Europe, d'Amérique, du Japon et d'Asie ou elle a participé a de différentes expositions.